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Last weekend was my very first comic convention as a seller, and the reaction I got was so overwhelming.

A big thank you to everyone who came and said hi at the Backwards Burd tables, to those who actually bought our stuff too, and to The Backwards Burd guys for actually letting me perch on the end of their table!

AAANNND a massive shout out to the Ghibli Girls who came by. You made my first seller experience all the more memorable, and I am so glad you guys liked our stuff and that I could put smiles on your faces. That’s like one of the main reasons why I draw - to make people happy :3

Made some badges with a friend to sell at Birmingham MCM this weekend! If you’re around come by the table and say suppy!

All the single ladies - Put your hands up!

A little look at the place I call my room.

It is a never ending battle between tidy and trashed

Starting up my online comic stuff again.


A bit obssessed with Stay The Night by Zedd ft Hayleyyy

Spent an hour staring at the Coco Mademoiselle advert yesterday whilst waiting for the floors to be cleaned at work.

Ended up drawing the dude from it when i got home.

Stupid advert being played on a loop >_

simple drawing for a friends friends wedding.

She wanted to give the happy couple a personalised gift, so she asked me to draw up a little poster for them ^_^

(watercolour, colouring pencils, photoshop)

(Source: chibishibby)

Band practice featuring FOB. Because I struggle drawing boys.

Why cant i draw you Patrick?! Whyyyy?!! T^T

Today I start Project Young Blood Chronicles

now to practice drawing noses… merghhh….