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Like cats? Like spontaneous mystical journeys? WE HAVE THE BOOK JUST FOR YOU!

Check out my new kickstarter campaign with Daniel de SosaSajan Raiand Shane Melisse. Spread the word. Backwards Burd thinks this should be on your bookshelf this Christmas.

Currently working on something cosmic with the Backwards Burd fellas. Watch this space!

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First page is up!

ZCW had a successful debut at the British Library last weekend!

Tonight i will begin posting a page a week, so watch this page for links and updates!



"Miss me?"

If Elsa had turned evil, I’d imagine her and snowflake coming back with an army to claim her throne, and she’d be in some badass ice armour rather than a skimpy dress.

#frozen #evilelsa #doyouwannabuildasnowman #snowflake


#ZCW #Pandamania debuts today at Comiket at the British Library!

#comic #comics #panda #redpanda #wrestling #feudingpandas #comiket

Last weekend was my very first comic convention as a seller, and the reaction I got was so overwhelming.

A big thank you to everyone who came and said hi at the Backwards Burd tables, to those who actually bought our stuff too, and to The Backwards Burd guys for actually letting me perch on the end of their table!

AAANNND a massive shout out to the Ghibli Girls who came by. You made my first seller experience all the more memorable, and I am so glad you guys liked our stuff and that I could put smiles on your faces. That’s like one of the main reasons why I draw - to make people happy :3

Made some badges with a friend to sell at Birmingham MCM this weekend! If you’re around come by the table and say suppy!

All the single ladies - Put your hands up!